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FZCO have been working with over 2,000 fitness professionals and collaborating with global brands such as Red Bull for over a decade; with one goal – to provide the much needed one stop solution for the fitness industry and it’s hard working professionals.  


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The professional fitness industry remains archaic and extremely difficult to be seen in. With the influence social media has on daily life, it’s harder than ever to have your services seen and voice heard. FZCO have been shaking it up for over a decade now and boast over 97% retention from any fitness professional they cross paths with. Why? Because we get it, we put you first and we don’t eat into your profits like all the other ‘solutions’ out there. 
When becoming a fitness professional, it’s an incredibly proud moment. However often people can’t help but feel is this a ‘stop gap’ between ‘real careers’. This adult perception that a fitness professional can only get so far is a taboo that FZCO are finally putting to bed. If you’re serious about becoming an influential asset to the industry, anywhere in the world. Then FZCO has to be within your journey at some point. Our professional services, coaches and partners work tirelessly to ensure all their members are levelling up and given opportunities like nowhere else can offer. 

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Our Personal Training Studios are rented on an hourly basis to Personal Trainers, enabling them to work in private with their clients.


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Our Personal Trainers are some of the best in London. Whatever your goals, our team will help you achieve them and you’ll have fun doing so.


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Providing all Personal Trainers with guidance, information and support to take control of their futures by creating true career pathways.



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Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretation

For the purpose of these terms and conditions the following expressions shall bear the meanings assigned to them below:

1.1. “Studio” means FITSTUDIOZ (Trading as FZCO / FZ STUDIOS)

1.2. “Membership Start Date” means the date the Member’s application for Membership has been accepted by the Studio as set out in the Schedule.

1.3. “Joining Fee” means the Membership joining fee as set out in the schedule.

1.4. “Manager” means the Director of the Studio from time to time.

1.5. “Member” means the person whose name is on the Schedule who hereby agrees to become a member of the Studio on the terms and conditions hereunder.

1.6. “Membership” means the Member’s membership of the Studio on the terms and conditions hereunder.

1.7. “Membership Fee” means the Monthly Fee or paid in full amount as the case may be.

1.8. “Monthly Fee” means the monthly membership subscription fee as set out on the Schedule.

1.9. Any reference to one gender shall include reference to the other gender.

1.10. “Studio” means FIT STUDIOZ LIMITED Company number 12253287 and whose Registered Office is at: 4 Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex, England, SS14 3JJ.

1.11. “Schedule” means the attached schedule of membership details.


2. Acceptance as a Member

2.1. The Studio has absolute discretion as to whether to accept any application for Membership. If an application for Membership is accepted by the Studio, Membership shall commence on the Membership Start Date.

2.2. Upon acceptance for Membership, the Member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges exercisable by the class of Membership for which his application has been accepted. Entry to the Studio is gained on presentation of a mobile smartphone application by the relevant Member.

2.3. Acceptance by the Studio of an application for Membership shall constitute a binding contractual arrangement between the Studio and the Member upon these terms and conditions.


3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. Neither us, our employees, agents or subcontractors will be liable to you for any loss, damage or theft of any property brought onto our premises; or any death, personal injury or illness occurring on or resulting from use of our premises (including that caused by use of facilities and/or equipment unless caused by our employees, agents, subcontractors or our negligent act or omission).

3.2. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you correctly operate or use any facilities and/or equipment (including adjusting levels or settings) which we provide. If you are in any doubt about how to correctly operate any equipment, you must consult one of our representatives before use.

3.3. Some areas of our Studio are unsupervised and we do not accept responsibility for any harm or injury to you whilst using them unless caused by our employee’s, agents or subcontractors or our negligent act or omission.

3.4. You will not abuse the facilities or equipment of the Studio and you will pay for any damage to our property which you wilfully or negligently (including in relation to 3b) cause such damage.


4. Physical Condition of Member

The Member warrants and represents that he is in good physical condition and that he is capable of engaging in active and passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to his health, safety, comfort or physical condition.


5. Assignment

Membership of the Studio is personal to the Member. Any assignment, transfer or other disposal of membership is at the sole discretion of the Studio Director (subject to transfer fee). The Member shall not loan his membership card to any other person or permit it to be used by anyone other than the Member.

6. Constitution

The Studio is a proprietary club owned by the Studio.


7. Membership

7.1. Members must not be less than 18 years of age.

7.2. All Members are required to abide and adhere to the Studio Rules and Regulations. Such Studio Rules and Regulations are displayed within the Studio and a copy of such Studio Rules and Regulations is available to all Members upon request to a member of the Studio’s staff.


8. Joining Fee and Membership Subscriptions

8.1. Joining fees may apply which are payable immediately upon becoming a member. These fees are not refundable because they cover our reasonable administration and/or product costs. The joining fee is only relevant to continuous periods of membership and should you wish to leave and rejoin at a later date, these will once again be applicable.

8.2. Membership fees for members past their initial obligation date may be increased at our discretion subject to giving you 1 month’s notice.

8.3. Where a Studio contains lockers, these will be emptied at the end of every week and contents stored for a reasonable period of time appropriate to their value but will then be deemed abandoned goods and be disposed of. We will levy a charge for the removal and storage of goods left in a locker.

8.4. In the event that you default on any payments due under this agreement, we reserve the right to refer the matter to a Debt Collection Agency and a fee of £100 will be added to the debt in respect of Collection charges. Similarly, if you move during your membership period without informing us and there are monies owed by you, a fee of £100 will also be added to the debt if the matter is referred to a Tracing Agent to locate your current address.


9. Membership Duration

9.1. A minimum membership period of 3 months applies to this contract as confirmed in and except where 9.2 applies upon expiry of this minimum period your membership will automatically continue indefinitely at the prevailing rate subject to the termination provisions set out below.

9.2. Membership paid in full for a set period of time in one instalment to be paid at the time of joining will lapse at the end of the relevant minimum membership period. Should the member choose to terminate their membership within this period no monies paid will be refundable.

9.3. You may freeze your membership for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months subject to giving us 30 days notice prior to the start of the freeze. Membership fees will apply during any such period though access to the club will be suspended. The time will then be added to the end of your minimum contract period. No refund will be made if cancellation is requested during the period for which time has been added on after the passing of your minimum period obligation date. For those members with a minimum obligation period of less than 3 months a fee will be levied for freezing and no time will be added on.


10. Contract Terminations

10.1. You must

10.1.1. meet with the Studio Director or Administrator and complete a cancellation request form or

10.1.2. give written notice to the Studio. We recommend you post your letter by recorded delivery to ensure notice of termination is received and we will accept no liability whatsoever for unsubstantiated claims including hand delivered notices.

10.2. You are required to give 30 days notice of termination.


11. Miscellaneous

11.1. We reserve the right to take photographs of our facilities (which may include you, provided your inclusion is incidental, for press and promotional purposes provided we give reasonable notice.)

11.2. Our failure to enforce any of our rights at any time, for any period and for whatever reason will not be construed as a waiver of such rights, neither will any failure to identify or act upon your breach of the terms of this contract be deemed to be an affirmation by us that your behaviour is acceptable.

11.3. Where a provision of this contract is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable by any UK Court, the provision will be deleted but such deletion will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

11.4. We may assign or transfer the benefit of this contract or sub-contract our obligations under it, to any other legal entity at any time without notice to you except as permitted by 11d, the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded.

11.5. Written notices that are required to be given by either party shall be sent using electronic mail or second class post and shall be deemed served 3 days after posting/sending.

11.6. Except where permitted by this contract, neither party may alter the terms and conditions without the written agreement of the other party and no written or oral representation by either party will serve to modify or amend these terms and conditions in any way.

11.7. Relevant United Kingdom law shall apply to this contract and the relevant Courts of the United Kingdom shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising in relation to it.

11.8. The management reserve the right to terminate any membership where upon they view its continuance to be detrimental to the operation of the Studio.


12. Use of Studio Facilities

12.1. Unless otherwise stated our staff, agents and subcontractors are not medically qualified. If you have any doubts about your fitness or capability to undertake physical exercise we strongly recommend that you take independent medical advice before undertaking any exercise.

12.2. You may not use any of our facilities whilst suffering from any infectious or contagious illness that could affect others within the Studio.


13. Hour of Opening

13.1. Details of the Studio’s normal hours of operation and the hours in which any facility within the Studio are available to Members may be obtained from the Manager upon request. Such hours may be lengthened or shortened at the entire discretion of the Manager, who shall endeavour to give Members reasonable notice of the lengthening or shortening of such hours.

13.2. The Studio reserves the right to close the Studio for two weeks in each calendar year for maintenance or upgrades.


14. General

14.1. If through circumstances beyond the control of the Studio the Studio is unable to provide the full range of services and facilities as advertised, the Member shall nonetheless remain liable to pay all Membership Fees under these terms and conditions.

14.2. The Studio reserves the right to charge a fee for the replacement of lost and/or damaged membership cards.

14.3. From time to time the Studio may run promotional offers. Members must refer to the associated terms and conditions of each promotion which will be available upon request.